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Over 100  Years of Wine Expertise
Our Wine Team 
Over 100  Years of Wine Expertise
in Historic Downtown Itasca, Illinois
Mark Hadfield, Owner, Wine With Me

1983 Mark Hadfield participating in a Bastille Day waiter’s race in downtown Chicago.



Mark Hadfield, Owner & Founder, Wine With Me

Mark is a 29 - year veteran of the wine trade. I have traveled four continents to see wineries and dine on the local fare. How did I get here? Well, in 1986 I moved to New York City to run a new flagship restaurant named One Main at Fulton Landing, a California cuisine restaurant just two blocks from the famed River Café. It was there that I caught the wine bug. New York was a great market to be in for wine. I got a chance to meet so many wine people and taste most everything offered. After two years I left New York and returned to Chicago to open up another restaurant. Things went well, but I really felt that wine was where I needed to focus. So, in 1991 I decided to leave the restaurant business to concentrate on wine. As they say timing is everything, as it was here that I received a call from a friend from my restaurant days; he had moved over to the wine distribution side and called to ask if I would be interested in selling wine. He also told me that I would never get rich in the wine business, but I could eat and drink like a king. Seemed like a good trade off.


Throughout these wine years, I’ve had the chance to meet, dine with, and visit many of the Who’s Who of the wine world, the “rock stars” if you will. Today, there are so many fond memories from all the great glasses of wine, places I’ve visited, friends I’ve made and the ensuing humor that seems to find me.

What are your favorite wines?

I really don't have a favorite. Everyday has its own personality, so does wine. One day is great for a Rose, the next maybe a Cabernet Sauvignon. Food is such an important part of the equation. Wine is a condiment to food, so I really enjoy trying different wines to pair with food. But if I had to pick viticultural areas, I'd say Alsatian Pinot Gris and Riesling, Rose from Provence, Red Burgundy, wines from Piedmont and Brunello from Tuscany. And there are days when a northern California Cabernet just hits the spot. So, I guess the answer is let's pop a cork and go with what's in front of us.


What is it about serving wine that you enjoy?

Wine is a tactile product. It naturally brings people together.

It's the camaraderie that makes it worth the time.


What do you like best about working at Wine With Me?

When we were doing the build out, I thought to myself "what will happen in these walls?" There have been many surprises, too numerous to mention. The real joy comes from watching a client try something new, and seeing the energy of acceptance. We've garnered so many truly phenomenal clients. So many have become friends that we share time outside of WWM. 

Sarek - Wine Bar Greeter

Angie Ziegler - Wine Bar and Shop Staff  ​

A two - decade bar hospitality and five-year veteran of Wine With Me, Angie brings a wealth of bar and service knowledge as well as a friendly smile.  Ask Angie what's her favorite wine this week.

What are your favorite wines?

My favorite wines are typically Pinot Noirs from California that are lite and elegant with a smooth finish -

I also enjoy all Wagner wines.


What is it about drinking/serving wine that you enjoy?

I love finding a wine that I would not usually drink and then being surprised and loving it. 

Also, I it makes me feel good when I can find something new a customer has never tried and they really like.

What do you like best about working at Wine With Me?

I love my co-workers. We are like family here and the customers that come in here are the best.

Anton Maletic - Wine Bar and Shop Staff

Anton joins us with a wealth of wine and food knowledge. Having worked for the likes of The Ritz Carlton Chicago and Emilio Tapas Restaurants. Anton is an outstanding cook, forager, and wine professional. His travels have taken him throughout Europe focusing on food and wine. We are grateful to have a 40-year restaurant guy join our team.


What are your favorite wines?

It depends what I am eating, but Champagne, Croatian, Alsace, France in general.

I enjoy most honest, well-made wines.


What is it about drinking wine that you enjoy?

 It's making a connection with a certain place. You are actually drinking the rain that fell in that vineyard. Tasting the minerals found in that soil. Tasting the sunshine in the fruit. Sense the smell of...Alsace for example.


What do you like best about working at Wine With Me?

  Serving and helping people to understand the essence of what wine is.

Working with such great people, both staff and clientele.



Ron Rippley - Wine Bar And Shop Staff

Marshall Calpino

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